History of Withington Baths

Dive into the rich history of Withington Baths

The heritage journey of Withington Baths

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The foundation stone was laid in 1911, with the Baths opening on 1st May 1913.

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Leading the way for equality back in 1914, the Baths became the first swimming pool in Manchester to offer mixed swimming to the public.

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In the early years of the 1930s, local swimmer Cecelia Wolstenholme trained at Withington Baths for the Olympic Games. At this time, Cecelia and her sister Beatrice were two of the most dominant female swimmers in Britain. Cecelia represented Great Britain during the 1930s in the Olympics, the European Championships and England in the British Empire Games.

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In 2015, the pool was saved from closure and taken over by Love Withington Baths, which is a community-led charitable organisation.


Our mission

Since the Baths were rescued from closure back in 2015, we have maintained the singular mission of creating a facility that provides the Withington Community with a beautifully restored place where they can exercise and meet their neighbours.

Our mission extends far beyond our historic walls, reaching into the heart of South Manchester’s vibrant community. By preserving these iconic buildings, we aspire to enhance public education and create a deeper appreciation for the heritage of our region. With a commitment to the wards of Old Moat and Withington, as well as South Manchester as a whole, our focus is on serving the community.

Opportunities to learn and grow

We are dedicated to educating residents and visitors, from providing facilities for physical education and swimming lessons to offering tuition and study opportunities within the Baths. Withington Works serves as a co-working space for professionals, business owners and students in the area looking for a place to work remotely or study.

Moreover, we actively contribute to public health by furnishing facilities for swimming, exercise, and physical therapies, advancing the overall wellbeing of the community.

Making fitness accessible

As huge supporters of amateur sports, we proudly provide facilities for swimming and various other sports to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. We aim to enrich the community by offering recreation, education and leisure facilities. We are passionate about ensuring our facilities are accessible to individuals who may face challenges related to youth, age, infirmity, disability, financial hardship, or specific social and economic circumstances.

Withington Baths is not just a physical space; it is a hub of community-driven initiatives, striving to improve the lives of residents and the public.

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