Personal Training

Elevate your fitness journey with our personalised approach to training.

Meet the team

The expert team of personal trainers at Withington Baths are dedicated to crafting tailored workout plans that align with your individual goals, whether you’re aiming for weight loss, muscle gain, or overall wellness.

Neila Drabble

“Movement has always been an interest of mine having been a gymnast and dancer in my younger years. I love to share my passion for helping clients to become stronger and more flexible with less pain and improved balance and coordination. It’s always rewarding working with beginners, as well as clients coming with goals focused towards improving their sports performance and being less injury prone.

“I am a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor as well as a Level 3 personal trainer and I also have 5 years of experience in coaching.”

Reece Marshall

“I’m a results-driven personal trainer with 10+ years in the industry. I have a strong passion for working with people who are new to the industry or have been trying for a while but are frustrated due to a lack of progress.

“Through a combination of a progressive training plan, sustainable diet/eating habits, and a high level of accountability, I can help you achieve your goals.”


Unlock your full potential with our tailored personal training options. From individual sessions to buddy workouts, choose what fits your goals best with our flexible pricing packages.


Single session


Block of 5 sessions


Couple/buddy sessions single


Couple/buddy sessions block of 5

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